Social Responsibility

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A Legacy of Trust & Reliability. Since 1952

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For over 65 years, Jairaj Group has done business by strictly enforcing नान्येन तूत्तमेनैवालम्, a principle which means Nothing But The Best Is Good Enough. This principle that stands for quality, consistency, honesty, quality and reliability has always been in the core value system of the Shah family and has been seamlessly applied to every transaction at the company.

The promoters of the Jairaj Group dream of seeing every family in Pune live in good quality homes and aim to someday be able to proudly proclaim that every meal cooked in the city of Pune has a commodity supplied by them. This, they know, can be achieved only by respecting their consumers and sticking to the core principal of नान्येन तूत्तमेनैवालम्.

Giving Back To The Society

The Late Mr Hirabhai Shah, the founder of Jairaj Group, held a belief that every business is a microcosm of the larger social environment it inhabits. And, he believes in giving back to 'the pool of human kindness' as a form of duty to society at large. His beliefs and practices have become a part of the organizational culture and Jairaj Group has thus been directly involved with a large number of social and educational institutions.

Serving the Society

Shri Hiralal Shah always believed in paying back to the society. ‘Serve the needy and the poor’ – was the message which he conveyed through his deeds throughout his life. He was strict in following it. The same principle is followed religiously by his sons and grandsons. The management has taken number of initiatives in this cause and is an integral part of many institutions working for social causes.

Jairaj Group is also active in supporting sports and sportsperson. It has sponsored teams in the sports like Tennis, Chess, Badminton, Cricket